Writing sociology research papers

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Back Next Ad feedback Editorial Reviews About the Author Since 1997, Mark Edwards (., University of Washington) has taught stratification, research methods and writing, and social statistics in the Sociology Department at Oregon State University. His recent research on food insecurity has been used by nonprofit groups, state agencies, and the media addressing domestic hunger in the Northwest. Many of his research papers have appeared in social science journals such as Social Forces, Rural Sociology, and Social Science Quarterly . But a favorite part of his work is helping students improve their social science writing.

Sociology is a multi-faceted discipline represented at Hunter College by a range of scholars who use diverse methods from field research to quantitative analysis and theoretical inquiry.  Precisely because sociology is a broad-based discipline that encompasses theory, methods of observation, and research, sociology is both practically useful in analyzing contemporary issues and academically fascinating. The study of sociology also meets four important goals of Hunter College overall: acquisition of conceptual and analytic skills, development of intellectual and personal growth, widening students’ outlook by understanding . as well as global culture and values, and generating new knowledge to address local and international needs and issues.

Writing sociology research papers

writing sociology research papers


writing sociology research paperswriting sociology research paperswriting sociology research paperswriting sociology research papers