Truman essay question

Although there are a number of different interpretations of the film (rap star Kanye West has recently been calling his life " The Truman Show " whenever he disagrees with the media), it remains a beloved and important cinematic work. The Guardian's film critic, David Thomson, calls The Truman Show his favorite film, writing "what I [see] is a metaphor for the movies and their show and the notion that the beautiful controlled life under the dome was hiding a wilder, less comfortable life outside. And Truman had to go for the true. It changed my life - unless there's a yet another dome farther out."

In 2008, Popular Mechanics named The Truman Show as one of the 10 most prophetic science fiction films. Journalist Erik Sofge argued that the story reflects the falseness of reality television. "Truman simply lives, and the show's popularity is its straightforward voyeurism. And, like Big Brother , Survivor , and every other reality show on the air, none of his environment is actually real." He deemed it an eerie coincidence that Big Brother made its debut a year after the film's release, and he also compared the film to the 2003 program The Joe Schmo Show : "Unlike Truman, Matt Gould could see the cameras, but all of the other contestants were paid actors, playing the part of various reality-show stereotypes. While Matt eventually got all of the prizes in the rigged contest, the show's central running joke was in the same existential ballpark as The Truman Show ." [4] Weir declared, "There has always been this question: Is the audience getting dumber? Or are we filmmakers patronizing them? Is this what they want? Or is this what we're giving them? But the public went to my film in large numbers. And that has to be encouraging." [14]

Truman essay question

truman essay question


truman essay questiontruman essay questiontruman essay questiontruman essay question