Tips for college entry essays

It’s been said that if you master double-entry bookkeeping, 95% of accounting is a piece of cake. I’m not sure about that but there are various hints and tips that can help us along the way. PEARLS (purchases, expenses, assets on debit side then revenue, liabilities, sales on the credit side) and DEAD CLIC (debits, expenses, assets, drawings on one side and credits, capital, liabilities, income, on the other side) are a few which springs to mind but here’s another, one which may be helpful if you haven’t covered every base with any of the other methods.

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I work in an engineering college as an Administrative officer and i am involved in all kinds of adninistration- academic as well as general. As I dont hold the relevant degree of a in any technical field I am restricted to be designated as the Principal of the college as per the norms which govern the engineering colleges. As i am working in the institution for more than four years the Principals who come also take my advice on most matters. The management trusts my capacities and appreciates my capabilities, yet do not designate me in a positio which will place me in a higher salary slot. Ultimately inspite of all my positive attributes i still remain a n administrative officer just because i do not hold a degree.

Tips for college entry essays

tips for college entry essays


tips for college entry essaystips for college entry essaystips for college entry essaystips for college entry essays