Thesis page layout latex

Applications for this program are available every month on a first-come first-serve basis. There are a limited number of applications given out each month, so we encourage our potential patients to arrive early in order to ensure the best possibility of obtaining an application. Please call one of our Patient Care Coordinators at 615-329-4790 (Nashville office) or 615-225-4141 (Murfreesboro office) to find out when we are having our next Application Day. Download our What to Bring PDF for a full list of the required documents necessary to complete your application.

In single-sided documents ( oneside ), the left and right margins are symmetric and headers are exactly the same on every page. In other words, the document does not distinguish between inner and outer margin. Twoside, on the other hand, generates double-sided content. The outer margin (even page: left; odd page: right) is wider by default (see figure below). It might appear that the header “switches” sides, but that because they are placed with respect to the margins. The twoside option is usually set for bound texts such as theses or books.

Thesis page layout latex

thesis page layout latex


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