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I think Rothschild’s dream of an AngloZio controlled “Kurdistan” – a Pipelinistan masquerading as a country – is premature. The countries which Rothschild controls – collectively know as FUKZUSA – would have to carve their new land of “Kurdistan” out of lands governed by Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Does the Man from Uncle still have his youthful muscle? Look at the present condition of Rothschild’s customary muscle men in team FUKZUSA: France is a military joke, UK is not much better, Zion couldn’t even beat Hezb’Allah, and the USA is still tenderly nursing its bloody nose from Syria. Where are the days of Sykes-Picot, cher ami, ou sont les neiges d’antan?

Thesis by publication mq

thesis by publication mq


thesis by publication mqthesis by publication mqthesis by publication mqthesis by publication mq