Term paper flooding

Urban flooding can lead to chronically wet houses, which are linked to an increase in respiratory problems and other illnesses. [18] Urban flooding also has significant economic implications for affected neighborhoods. In the United States , industry experts estimate that wet basements can lower property values by 10–25 percent and are cited among the top reasons for not purchasing a home. [19] According to the . Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), almost 40 percent of small businesses never reopen their doors following a flooding disaster. [20] In the United States, insurance is available against flood damage to both homes and businesses. [21]

The . Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has a long-standing practice of conducting its regulatory responsibilities in an open manner, and keeping the public informed of the agency's regulatory, licensing, and oversight activities. For that reason, the NRC is committed to informing the public about its Lessons Learned from Fukushima . For general information about the available opportunities for public involvement in NRC activities, see Public Meetings and Involvement , Hearing Opportunities and License Applications , and NUREG/BR-0215 , "Public Involvement in the Regulatory Process." For more specific information about public meetings and presentations that the NRC staff has conducted to discuss topics related to the Japan nuclear accident, see the following chronological listings on this page:

Term paper flooding

term paper flooding


term paper floodingterm paper floodingterm paper floodingterm paper flooding