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I was just reading this blog and for some time now I wanted to send a letter to my ex. It has been almost four years since the break up but we would talk off and on during those fours years. The last time I spoke to him was November of last year and I haven’t heard from him since. I know that he was dating again but several months after the breakup someone told me that they had a talk with him and he told this person that he wanted to be with me again but he didn’t want me to know. I feel stuck because I don’t feel the same way around other guys that I could go out with(the attraction would probably last for a week) and I realized that these guys didn’t have the qualities that I was looking for. I’m not trying to say that my ex was perfect but I find that I don’t feel as interested once I spend time with other guys. One of my fears is the fact that my stepfather is the reason my ex stopped talking to me, he went through my phone and got my ex’s number and I don’t know if he pretended to be me or something. There’s just something in my gut that’s telling me something but I can’t explain it but I don’t want to be wrong about my intuition because of the fear of embarrassment and making things worse. It was just strange but whenever my ex saw me with a guy(even one I wasn’t dating) he would physically step in between me and the other guy to split us apart. I’m so confused right now so I know not to send him anything yet. I wanted to vent some of this pressure off my chest because the issue has been causing me to experience physical pain, especially debilitating migraines.

Thank you again. A year after this orofacial pain condition started which is very intense throbbing in the upper right maxilla, I saw an ENT doctor that did a Xorantech Mincat CT scan. He noted a small airfluid level in the right maxillary sinus and some thickening…but I had no sinus symptoms, other than vaugue pain in the teeth/gums. He gave me an antibiotic and flonase which after 10 days did not help. He said he thought it would have been unusual for this fluid level to cause the pain that I was experiencing. He wasn’t to keen on doing surgery, since the cause of the pain is not clear. He did go on to say that we could do surgery to drain the fluid, but he did not think that would resolve the pain issue. I then went for a second opinion with another ENT who looked at my CT scan and confirmed a small airfluid level. He was fairly adamant that it wasn’t causing my problem, thus leaving me confused. I am now seeing a orofacial pain doctor and a pain management doctor. Also having this pain for 4 years I would think other sinus issues would arise and the pain would not be as constant for this long.

Step up to writing 5 paragraph essay outline

step up to writing 5 paragraph essay outline


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