Speech therapy children

Karen George is a Chicago speech-language pathologist. The practice she founded, Chicago Speech Therapy, LLC, provides in-home pediatric speech therapy in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Karen and her team of Chicago speech therapists have a reputation for ultra-effective speech therapy and work with a variety of speech disorders. Karen is the author of several books such as A Parent’s Guide to Speech and Language Milestones, A Parent’s Guide to Articulation, A Parent’s Guide to Speech Delay, A Parent’s Guide to Stuttering Therapy, and A Parent’s Guide to Pediatric Feeding Therapy. She is often asked to speak and has addressed audiences at top Children’s Hospitals and Northwestern University. Karen is highly referred by many Chicago-area Pediatricians and elite schools.

Services The licensed Speech Language Pathologist will conduct an evaluation and treatment for children with a variety of needs including: Articulation Verbal
Expression Phonology Social
Language Apraxia Grammer and
Sentence Structure Language
Acquisition Auditory
Processing Medical Problems that make it difficult for children to communicate clearly. Hearing Impairment, Weak Muscles around the mouth, Cleft lip and /or palate.

Speech therapy children

speech therapy children


speech therapy childrenspeech therapy childrenspeech therapy childrenspeech therapy children