Robert prechter deflation essays

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Exactly sixteen years ago, with the Dow Industrial Average wallowing in the doldrums near 800, Elliott Wave theorist Robert S. Prechter tweaked Wall Street's imagination with his prediction that the most spectacular bull market in history was about to begin. And so it did, right on schedule, with a seismic lurch in mid-August 1982 that forever etched itself into the memory of anyone who was working in the trading pits, as I was. In the decade that followed, with the Dow ratcheting inexorably toward Prechter's once seemingly unattainable target at 3600, his influence and fame became legend. But the Gainesville, Georgia guru's celebrity turned to notoriety after the target was reached in 1993 and he waxed increasingly bearish over the next several years. His 1996 book "At the Crest of the Tidal Wave" forecast global deflation and depression just when the bull market was shifting into high gear. Lately, though, stock averages have faltered alarmingly with some stunning one-day drops, and the economy has begun to slow. Could the bull market finally be over? We asked Prechter, whose answer was unequivocal.

Robert prechter deflation essays

robert prechter deflation essays


robert prechter deflation essaysrobert prechter deflation essaysrobert prechter deflation essaysrobert prechter deflation essays