Resume phd student

Interesting stuff. I am 69. ‘Took” my PhD from McGill in 1974. Had crap jobs in 3 companies and then became a ‘lab rat’ at a Canadian sub of a US company. Surprised my employers and myself as to how good I was at…when confronted with a problem…I broke it down, and found a solution. Started mixing with finance/sales/marketing/HR folks. Their issues also were able to be addressed using logic. I was kidded some by often saying ‘I’ll sleep on that’ and that there were little men and women somewhere in my head that would do the work whilst I slept. Over time I got to understand business. Did not do an MBA. Just observed and thought. Listened. Over time I got to manage people who were very good in their ‘fields’. What they may have missed and I did not, was that some folks like their own expertise. They become real good in their ‘box’. Rarely jump into another ‘box’ and see what ticks. I am fortunate that many people I worked with became friends….and we meet for brunch and such. Guess who has to pick the time and place? Love them all. I ended as the MD/President/Chairman of the company. Yes…a PhD is worth the 70 hour weeks…lots of beer…chasing women. I propose that it takes a few years to ‘get it’. One tries to be humble because few can explain to those who have not done it….that it was fun…with crap money.

Well that’s a tough one…For OPT Students in the conventional majors and who bagged the OPT Jobs in their fields of study…its not at all concern for them to think about this shift at least for the time being. However this thought might arise in them once they settle down in their job and start feeling the ennui about their daily routine due to the lack of freshness or adventure. Also the lure of big pay packets is one main thing that attracts them to IT. Along with these there might be Junta who is really interested in programming stuff, web designing, has the curiosity to learn more about the business side, about finance and IT integration etc which lures them into the IT sector.

Resume phd student

resume phd student


resume phd studentresume phd studentresume phd studentresume phd student