Research paper survey results

When it comes to longer-term impacts on reputation, there is a similar pattern. More than 80% of those who have ever been victim of name-calling and embarrassment did not feel their reputation had been hurt by their overall experience with online harassment. Those who experienced physical threats and sustained harassment felt differently. About a third felt their reputation had been damaged by their overall experience with online harassment. Overall, 15% of those who have experienced online harassment said it impacted their reputation.

Overwhelming majorities of these teachers also agree with the assertions that “today’s digital technologies are creating an easily distracted generation with short attention spans” (87%) and “today’s students are too ‘plugged in’ and need more time away from their digital technologies” (86%).  Two-thirds (64%) agree with the notion that “today’s digital technologies do more to distract students than to help them academically.” In focus groups, some teachers commented on the connection they see between students’ “overexposure” to technology, and the resulting lack of focus and diminished ability to retain knowledge they see among some students. Time management is also becoming a serious issue among students, according to some teachers; in their experience, today’s digital technologies not only encourage students to assume all tasks can be finished quickly and at the last minute, but students also use various digital tools at their disposal to “waste time” and procrastinate.

Submitted as a chapter for “Designing Hospitals of the Future” edited by G. D. Kunders, Planning Hospitals of the Future is a guide for future healthcare planners and architects. Over the last 60 years, there have been recurring trends in thinking about the planning and design of hospital facilities, which seem to go through cycles. Specialty hospitals, new standards for patient rooms, ideas for efficient nursing unit planning, and design for healing environments; all have been the subject of architectural thinking in the past and then interest has subsided; but all will certainly be back again.

Research paper survey results

research paper survey results


research paper survey resultsresearch paper survey resultsresearch paper survey resultsresearch paper survey results