Refute essay sample

Time management skill is controlling time spent on various activities and managing it efficiently to increase the productive. The work I do in my process, we have to spend lot of time in assessing the controls placed to mitigate risk and I have to plan my time spent on this particular activity. If that particular acivity takes most of the time then I have to hurry on other activity. It will create error, hence I have manage my time properly to keep a balance. In that way we can csatisfy our clients and satisfy ourselves by a step towards achieving the organization goal.

However, I agree with the idea that undergraduates could freely select their courses according to their interests. To begin with, the meaning of college education is the cultivation of self-interest and the learning of advanced study. That is, students could looking for their passion through a wide range of courses, and go deeper in some academic fields they are keen on. For example, I fall in love with poems by attending a series of literature classes, and now I endeavor to be a writer. If every undergraduate could find their enthusiasm in the university; then they will be competitive in their interested fields.

Refute essay sample

refute essay sample


refute essay samplerefute essay samplerefute essay samplerefute essay sample