Pursuing phd resume

The purpose of the program is to implement a set interdisciplinary teaching and learning experiences that will lead to the development of competent and motivated leaders in the global human enterprise. The program provides educational content in two areas: 1) Core courses in social policy, human service management/administration, organizational development, and research methods and statistics, and 2) courses in a cognate area that students select from the graduate schools within the University include the School of Business Administration, Education, Arts and Sciences.

There are more than thirty specializations within psychology, and doctoral degrees are offered in all of them. Some areas of specialization include clinical, school, physiological, social, and many others. A psychology doctorate is first and foremost a research degree in which students learn psychological research methodology and statistics, and must carry out independent research. Students in clinical and counseling specialties, as well as some other specialties, such as health psychology, will also study principles of psychopathology, behavior change and psychotherapy. Other specialties, such as experimental psychology and cognitive psychology, will focus exclusively on research. Courses vary considerably based on area of study, and there are few courses beyond history of psychology and statistics that are common to all.

Pursuing phd resume

pursuing phd resume


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