Preparing for an exam essay

Furthermore, the CPP has been subject to recertification requirements almost since its inception, as a way of ensuring that the credential carries real value as long as it stays current. CPPs are required to recertify every 3 years by accruing 16 points for participation in one or more of the following activities: continuing education, public service, volunteer work, article/book publication, or by retaking the exam. For CPP recertification details, please visit http:///certification/cpp/resources/recertification/ .

A fundraising professional who has met the eligibility requirements to sit for the examination should have the knowledge needed to take and pass the examination. However, CFRE International does recommend that you review the content areas covered on the exam by using the Test Content Outline . You might want to review the Test Content Outline for topics or subtopics with which you are less familiar. If you find a particular area with which you are not familiar or comfortable, that would be an area on which to focus your study or review. Or, you may want to do a surface review of all the content areas, even those you believe you know well.

Preparing for an exam essay

preparing for an exam essay


preparing for an exam essaypreparing for an exam essaypreparing for an exam essaypreparing for an exam essay