Power plant thesis

Although the mainstream media has been largely AWOL on the Fukushima story, a number of conscientious authorities in the field of nuclear energy have come forward to explain the emergency in venues like  Russia Today . These learned experts include Arnold Gundersen, Christopher Busby, Helen Caldicott, and Michio Kaku. Other officials, including at least two Japanese ambassadors and the Japanese emperor himself, have added their voices to point out the severity and unremedied character of the ongoing Fukushima crisis. For instance Akio Matsumuru, who regularly represents Japan at UN-sponsored conferences, issued a report dated June 11, 2012. Among the many alarm bells he rings, Matsumuru calls attention to the possibility that the phenomenon known colloquially as the China Syndrome is close at hand if it is not already occurring. Matsumuru observes,

Dear Sir i m new to this site. I have a qyery regarding PPE. My co. is a listed it has to converged with IFRS as on 01/04/2011.
My company is engaged in laying down of power transmission lines. I have to restructure my fixed assets register as per IFRS requirement. My query is that we have TSE machines etc. in our fixed assets register. Historical cost of which is 2 crore and accumulated dep of around 75 lakhs, carrying amount is crore and acquistion date is 31/01/1994. and my company want to adopt deemed cost at the time of convergence to IFRS and it will adopt cost model for the accounting of PPE. In that case how i have to do componetisation of machine. Which cost i have to consider as deemed cost. what accounting entries i have to pass at the first time and thereafter. please throw light on all these aspects

Orphica, Theogonies Fragment 57 (from Athenogoras) :
"The gods, as they [the Greeks] say, did not exist from the beginning, but each of them was born just as we are born. And this is agreed by them all, Homer saying ‘Okeanos (Oceanus) the genesis of the gods, and mother Tethys [Thesis],’ and Orpheus--who was the original inventor of the gods' names and recounted their births and said what they have all done, and who enjoys some credit among them as a true theologian, and is generally followed by Homer, above all about the gods--also making their first genesis from water : ‘Okeanos , who is the genesis of the all.’ For Hydros (Water) was according to him the origin of everything, and from Hydros (the Water) Mud [. the primordial Gaia (Earth)] formed, and from the pair of them a living creature was generated with an extra head growing upon it of a lion, and another of a bull, and in the middle of them a god's countenance; its name was Herakles and Khronos (Chronos, Time). This Herakles generated a huge egg [which formed the earth, sea and sky]."

Power plant thesis

power plant thesis


power plant thesispower plant thesispower plant thesispower plant thesis