Only the heart novel essay

"Cliches are in short supply in Giffin’s work. Sure, some might mistakenly attempt to slap a ‘chick lit’ label on her runaway bestseller novels… But while her books protagonists happen to be women with relationship ‘issues’ they’re just as likely to wrestle with what it means to be a good friend, family member, or co-worker to people of both sexes as to try to find love. They also live full, interesting lives outside the purely personal realm—no more so than Shea Rigsby, the funny, flawed but sympathetic central character in the The One & Only." —Atlanta Journal Constitution

The main obstacle is that NOACs are more expensive than warfarin, even when the frequent blood testing associated with warfarin is taken into account. Doctors may be less familiar with NOACs, as they have been prescribing warfarin for decades, compared with only a few years for NOACs. With time, NOACs will reduce in price and more doctors will be comfortable prescribing them. Of the 17,000 anticoagulant items dispensed in September 2015 in the United Kingdom, 4,000 were NOAC’s, around 60% of which were Apixaban showing that they are already being more widely prescribed. 

Only the heart novel essay

only the heart novel essay


only the heart novel essayonly the heart novel essayonly the heart novel essayonly the heart novel essay