Marketing topic for management thesis

     Making a Successful Newsletter
Over the years, we have launched several hundred advertising campaigns. We always ran new ads for a minimum of three issues and kept close tabs on the returns. So long as the returns kept coming in, we continued running that ad in that publication, while adding a new publication to test for results. To our way of thinking, this is the best way to go, regardless of the product, to successfully multiply your customer list. Move slowly, start with a local, far-reaching and widely read
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Organize your presentation into the following sections: marketplace overview, product description, position in the marketplace, pricing strategy and distribution strategy. Include a discussion of competitors and target customer profile in the marketplace overview. Explain why the product or service meets the needs of the marketplace or what needs to be changed to do so in the product portion of your presentation. Discuss your unique selling benefit and brand in the positioning segment. Explain why the product is priced the way it is or why it needs to be re-priced. Evaluate how your current or proposed distribution strategy fits in with your branding and pricing strategies.

Marketing topic for management thesis

marketing topic for management thesis


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