Maine constitution essay contest

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The white men do not scalp the head; but they do worse-they poison the heart.. . Farewell, my nation! .. Farewell to Black Hawk. Black Hawk's bitterness may have come in part from the way he was captured. Without enough support to hold out against the white troops, with his men starving, hunted, pursued across the Mississippi, Black Hawk raised the white flag. The American commander later explained: "As we neared them they raised a white flag and endeavored to decoy us, but we were a little too old for them." The soldiers fired, killing women and children as well as warriors. Black Hawk fled; he was pursued and captured by Sioux in the hire of the army. A government agent told the Sac and Fox Indians: "Our Great Father .. will forbear no longer. He has tried to reclaim them, and they grow worse. He is resolved to sweep them from the face of the earth... If they cannot be made good they must be killed."

President Lincoln had had concerns that the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 might be reversed or found invalid after the war. He saw constitutional amendment as a more permanent solution. [39] [40] He had remained outwardly neutral on the amendment because he considered it politically too dangerous. [41] Nonetheless, Lincoln's 1864 party platform resolved to abolish slavery by constitutional amendment. [42] [43] After winning reelection in the election of 1864 , Lincoln made the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment his top legislative priority, beginning with his efforts in Congress during its "lame duck" session. [44] [45] Popular support for the amendment mounted and Lincoln urged Congress on in his December 6, 1864 State of the Union Address : "there is only a question of time as to when the proposed amendment will go to the States for their action. And as it is to so go, at all events, may we not agree that the sooner the better?" [46]

Maine constitution essay contest

maine constitution essay contest


maine constitution essay contestmaine constitution essay contestmaine constitution essay contestmaine constitution essay contest