Learning experiences essays

I have been integrating social media into instruction for years and it feels weird to me not to have it.     Intentionally integrating the use of social media for knowledge capture and to extend the conversation to people outside the room can enhance the learning.     I prefer to be very intentional about social media integration, assigning roles and tasks at particular periods.   Since I’m often teaching social media,  I like to have participants using these skills during the training as much as possible – as long as it doesn’t become a distraction to their learning.  Some people actually learn this way, but others don’t.

There is a designated night float system, staffed 1 month at a time by second-year residents. The designated night float for a given month works from 1800 to 0600 during the work week and is off for weekends. There are 3 residents on call in the hospital at all times, at night or weekends/holidays. These 3 residents include a first-year resident, a back-up resident at the second year level and a senior resident at either the third or fourth-year level. There is a full-time faculty on call in the hospital 24-hours every day. There is a maternal-fetal sub-specialist and a gynecologist on backup call each night.

Learning experiences essays

learning experiences essays


learning experiences essayslearning experiences essayslearning experiences essayslearning experiences essays