Judaism environmental ethics essay

I'm a black political theologian so I'm concerned with the ways in which politics and culture gets played out within the Biblical text. When I read the Bible I often try and read against the dominant narrative. If the dominant story is the story of conquest, I'm interested in the people who are being conquered and trying to work out how they understood the process of conquest. A good example of this is to look at the story of Joshua . When I read about Joshua going into the Promised Land I read it from the perspective of the Canaanite in order to get a fuller picture of what's going on. I often encourage my students to read against the Bible - to look for the stories and individuals who are made almost invisible by the dominant narrative and the dominant traditions that have glorified certain people within the Bible and forgotten the significance of others.

From your article and comments, one prsumably can deduce as long as you are eating animals with the right Kavanah it is ok to do so because a "chicken on the shabbat table is a lucky chicken".
I see one reason for this- the chicken is lucky it wont need to undergo anymore suffering in the factory farmed chicken outlets.
Point 2: If it is ok to eat meat only with the right Kavanah, how are so many restauants given a license? Presumably,and of course generally speaking, when one eats in a certain restaurant chain dotted around NY, the high price for fast food is more on their mind than how much respect they should be giving the animal they are eating, and the fact they are 'elevating' it.
It always seemed to me that saying you are 'elevating' an animal to a higher place by eating it is a cop-out and an excuse to jusity that which cannot really be justified.
How can eating animals be justified- can any vegetarian out there not do a mitzvah as well as the next person as they are not 'strong' enough?
It is time to stop with the excuses, hold up our hands and admit that we eat meat because we like the taste, and the fact the animals may have to suffer is just an unfortunate side to the story.

Judaism environmental ethics essay

judaism environmental ethics essay


judaism environmental ethics essayjudaism environmental ethics essayjudaism environmental ethics essayjudaism environmental ethics essay