Ib english a1 world literature essay sample

1. An International Baccalaureate Diploma/Diplome du Baccalaureat International issued in accordance with the regulations of the "International Baccalaureate Organization/Office du Baccalaureat International" shall be recognized as valid for university admission, if it has been obtained after attending at least twelve years of full-time education, and if the following requirements are met:
a) The six examination subjects taken for the "International Baccalaureate Diploma/Diplome du Baccalaureat International" (IB) must conform to IB conditions:
- two languages (one of which at least must be a foreign language studied uninterruptedly as "Language A"),
- one natural science subject (Biology, Chemistry, Physics),
- Mathematics (Mathematical Methods or Mathematics HL or Further Mathematics together with Mathematics HL),
- One social science subject (History, Geography, Economics).
The sixth compulsory subject may be one of the above or one of the following subjects recognized by the IB:
- Art/Design, Music 1, Theatre Arts; another modern foreign language; Latin, Classical Greek; General Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Environmental Systems, Computer Science, Design Technology; Philosophy, Psychology, Social Anthropology, Business and Organization 2.
b) One of the three subjects, apart from the continuously studied Language A, to be taken at higher level for the "International Baccalaureate Diploma/Diplome du Baccalaureat International", must be Mathematics or a Natural Science subject such as Biology, Chemistry or Physics.
c) All subjects must have been taken uninterruptedly up to the end of the school career.
d) Candidates must earn a minimum IB Grade of 4 on the six compulsory subjects1.
Where an IB grade of 3 is awarded in one subject only, it is possible to compensate for this if another subject taken at the same level has been awarded at least an IB Grade 5, and an total of 24 points has been attained.
e) German diploma holders who have elected to take German as one of the two compulsory languages must state this to be "Language A" (A1 or A2). In either case, German diploma holders must supply proof of having studied a second foreign language in addition to the required continued study of the foreign language (A1 or A2) for at least four years during their school careers.
German diploma holders, who have attended a school abroad not providing German courses, must supply proof of competence in German before being accepted for higher studies; such details are defined by the regulations in force in the relevant Federal State.

Students taking Calculus I (MTH 207), Calculus II (MTH 208), Linear Algebra with Differential Equations (MTH 309) or Calculus III (MTH 310) and earning a grade of "B" or better, will be given retroactive credit for Precalculus (MTH 151) provided the student's transcript shows no record of prior or concurrent enrollment in MTH 151, MTH 207, MTH 208, MTH 309 or MTH 310. 

Precalculus (MTH 151) is a course on properties, graphs, and applications of elementary transcendental functions. Topics include concepts from analytic geometry; theory of equations; the logarithmic, exponential, trigonometric, and inverse trigonometric functions; and analytic trigonometry.

Ib english a1 world literature essay sample

ib english a1 world literature essay sample


ib english a1 world literature essay sampleib english a1 world literature essay sampleib english a1 world literature essay sampleib english a1 world literature essay sample