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5. Create a style guide for each client. We all have phrases or words we use regularly in our writing. Your clients have those, too. Listen carefully to the conversations you have with your clients or examine their writing for the vernacular that makes them unique. Then make a note of these words and phrases, add them to a client style guide, and use them in your usually figure this out as you go. For example, one client I worked with really hated the word “quitting.” Any time it came up to explain something in his book, he got uncomfortable.

Book ghostwriting fees vary widely depending on the type of book project, the experience of the ghostwriter, and many other factors. In my 20 years of ghostwriting books for women and men of all ages and backgrounds, my goal has always been to keep my professional fees affordable, to serve as many people as possible. I make every effort to arrive at a project fee within the middle range of professional fees for ghostwriting services. We will discuss your particular needs in our free initial consultation. If you are sincere about writing a book, and you decide that I’m the right person to help you do it, we’ll explore how we can make that happen.

Ineed a ghostwriter

i need a ghostwriter


i need a ghostwriteri need a ghostwriteri need a ghostwriteri need a ghostwriter