Government honors thesis cornell

Students who have completed at least 30 hours of coursework* while enrolled at while enrolled in an institution of higher education and have a minimum transfer GPA may apply for admission to the Honors College. The application for admission to the Honors College will open for submissions on March 1 and close on May 1 each year; applicants will be evaluated based on their transfer credit hours and cumulative grade point averages as of the completion of the spring semester. Admission to the Honors College is for the fall semester and is offered on a space-available basis to the most highly qualified applicants.

In a 1993 interview with The Washington Post, about the time the Clinton health care plan was being formulated and the thesis was being sealed, the first lady characterized her college writing as an argument against big government, supporting Alinsky's criticism of the War on Poverty programs. “I basically argued that he was right,” she told the newspaper. “Even at that early stage I was against all these people who come up with these big government programs that were more supportive of bureaucracies than actually helpful to people. You know, I've been on this kick for 25 years.”

Government honors thesis cornell

government honors thesis cornell


government honors thesis cornellgovernment honors thesis cornellgovernment honors thesis cornellgovernment honors thesis cornell