Failing bar exam essays

_____________________[yoo-hoo] [yoo-hoo]
. Department of Justice,
come out, come out, wherever you are
G-D wants y’all to(o)
‘take and drink’ (t)HIS Cup of (not hemlock) T:
On 9/6/2013 NYS WCB commissioner(s) Munnelly +
Williams and Higgins (2 non-attorneys) ‘reviewed (examined) and rescinded’
my NYS WCALJudge Robert Anderson’s decision.
My attorneys at Fine, Olin & Anderman appealed and requested
a Full Board Review (FBR).
On 11/25/2013 NYS WCB chair Beloten solely denied me
a Full Board Review (FBR).
On 12/12/2013 the Third Judicial Department decided that
“only a three member panel can deny a Full Board Review”
(see Scalo v. Perry & Sons)
On 12/27/2013 NYS WCB chair Beloten got 2 subordinates
(Libous and Munnelly) to sign order denying me
a Full Board Review (FBR).
Q1: was not Munnelly NYS WCB general counsel and NYS WCB ethics officer?
Q2: how much (t)ime did each person spend ‘reviewing’ (examining)
my NYS WCALJudge’s decision?
Q3: did Libous (who is a nurse?) sign order denying me a Full Board Review
while in Florida or while in New York?
Q4: why is a nurse (or any non-attorney) ‘reviewing’ (examining)
any NYS WCALJudge’s decision?
Q5: if Munnelly + 2 non-attorneys ‘reviewed (examined) and rescinded’
my NYS WCALJudge’s decision in September 2013
then why is Munnelly again being asked by his boss to deny me
a Full Board Review (FBR)?
5 = a hand
Trust but Verify
NYS WCB commissioner bios
(google it! vs google chrome it!) (yahoo it! vs yabba dabba do!o it!)
sip! sip!

Worse, now I’m only in the second set of lectures and they are a MESS. The outlines say one thing (., a buyer can only reject an installment under UCC if it is substantially impaired), and the accompanying lecture says *exactly the opposite*! There are typos and errors throughout the outlines. At first I thought it just looked unprofessional, but now I worry that the information contained within is wrong as well. So there are more hours lost as I try to search the entire outline and repeat and recheck the lecture and email and call BarMax (no response yet). I’m so thoroughly unimpressed, but having already sunk one week and $750 into this program, I’m stuck.

Help! My bar is in less than a month, I have only managed to get a 3 on my essays, I am using Themis and each of the essays I have submitted to the essay grader has come back with a score of -2. I do not want to fail again. I tried to make a list of commonly tested issues on essays, by outlining all the sample essays (there are 92, but I have only gone through 20), but it took hours and in the end it basically seemed like essays cover every single topic in the outline. What am I doing wrong, I am beginning to reserve time to practice writing out rule statements, but it took one hour just to practice writing out a paragraph about battle of the forms. I have been studying since November and I feel hopeless, I refuse to take this exam again, but at this rate, I do not know how to improve my essay scores. It would mean the world to me if you responded Brian, I need help!

Failing bar exam essays

failing bar exam essays


failing bar exam essaysfailing bar exam essaysfailing bar exam essaysfailing bar exam essays