Exemplary essay defined

It is very difficult for a young girl with orthorexia to even recognize that she has a problem.  But if she does seek help, either at her own initiative or at the instigation of her parents, those she encounters may assume she has anorexia and treat her inappropriately.  For example, they may strongly encourage she consumes “foods” that restore caloric intake such as Boost or Ensure but that, for obvious reasons, will be perceived as refined, processed, chemical-rich and gross. This has a tendency to invalidate the source of the advice for a young person already inclined to distrust that advice.

[9] While tradition may not offer much in the way of legitimacy to parties to the conflict, the wise conflict resolution process designer would be well advised to look to tradition to lend legitimacy to the process. The culture of the parties needs to be given a place of primacy in the design. John Paul Lederach, for example, often discusses coming to the recognition during his time in Nicaragua , that some process concerns taken as definitional in mediation in the United States, were inappropriate, if not actually damaging there. In particular the notion of a neutral third party did not fit into the ways in which the Nicaraguan participants, from different cultural groups themselves, dealt with conflict. From his experience there, Lederach developed his notion of the "insider partial." Aside from increasing the likelihood of success of the intervention, whatever agreement may be produced is much more likely to be supported by parties' constituencies if cultural norms and traditions are key in determining all aspects of the process.

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Exemplary essay defined

exemplary essay defined


exemplary essay definedexemplary essay definedexemplary essay definedexemplary essay defined