Excuses why i didnt do my homework

It seems to me the article was accurate!!!! If I may point out to everyone, it does begin by stating that most who read this educational article will not gain a better knowledge or understanding of why people choose to abuse others. In my opinion most everyones comments gave truth to that assumption. It is to my knowledge and belief through personal experience as well as education that people who abuse, choose to abuse by a sense relative to instinct. There are factors which guide instinct. Such as stomaches growl to spark the instinct in us to eat. Well on the same note, there are factors which guide people into becoming abusive towards others. Most subconsciously abuse others as a result of suffering from their own childhood trauma effects of either witnessing abuse or being abused themselves. Some can be due to mental illnesses or lack of utilizing the skill of open-mindedness, which is also categorized as a learned behavior, even a few reasons would be undeterminable(scary!). In my opinion, being able to understand the factors which cause abusive behavoir patterns is what's key to diminishing abuse. I feel it's important to understand that the ones who are enlightened with the opportunity to examine themselves and judge themselves in the same way they judge others yet choose to ignore it, choose to deny it, or choose to ridicule it are the ones to worry about. They are the ones who are at risk for putting public safety in jeopardy over and over again displaying no regard for the destructive damage they've done or will do to people or environments(neighborhoods). On the other hand, the ones who aknowledge their pasts, their actions, their reactions, who educate themselves, and who do not make excuses will prevail.... Success is in anyones grasp, you just have to reach out and pull it in.... no matter what mistakes you have made in the past.... It's difficult, but the rewards are great.... It's a matter of who wants positive "giving back" success, along with who wants it enough to work hard in the most self fullfilling and positive ways. That seems to work 4 me and my Family. Reality is a reflection on actual occurances, go figure , everyone's experiences are different and unique.... so what's reality to me, can't be a reality to you.... right?!.... IN MY WORLD " FAMILY" MEANS NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND!!!! what does it mean in yours???? Depends on your experience i guess, huh???? Made you think :)

I thought parents kick their daughters for getting pregnant, wich I despise so searched to see why...than to find out they do it out of a noumber of reasons, such as not going to the military(to a boy), not working ...children are not allowed to work until 18...how many of you knew that for real;? we do not employ chioldren.

But the real issue here is that kids are not small anymore, right? They are not easygoing, not so cute or sweet...they have a "attitude", or personality in formation? You hate your kids for growing up, for outsmarting you, fr struggling with personal issues that they don't talk about.

You force them to talk about their money, friends, boyfriends, plans, future...do they even understand what a future is, when mom and dad threatens them to kick them ouT? They can bearly know what survivng till tomorow means.

Until 24 a human is not even a complete personality ...they bearly understand themseslves, what can they know about the world?
Should I remind parents how aweful the world is, how prisons are full, how dangerous individuals roam the streets afteer 12 p,m??

Aniway imagine you kick your child out of the house TODAY and tomorrow the news reports him dead, murdered, or kidnapped..

What will you think of yourselves after that?

Even though they are not babies, underaged and even until their 30 they can not defend themselves. And girls are most vulnerable.

Paula Dima,

I do agree with you that people who tend to take care of their teeth also take better general care of themselves, eat better, exercise, etc. and that in general is always the case. However, gum disease is causative of systemic disease, the mechanisms of which are discussed here: http:///content/13/4/ In regards to your stroke, I’m sorry to hear, and the hospital food experience is unfortunately all too common. How do they expect you to recover with an inflammatory sugar-laden diet? Have you gotten a sleep study to investigate the possibility of SDB (sleep-disordered breathing)?

Excuses why i didnt do my homework

excuses why i didnt do my homework


excuses why i didnt do my homeworkexcuses why i didnt do my homeworkexcuses why i didnt do my homeworkexcuses why i didnt do my homework