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In one concrete respect, the Mosh protocol is more secure than SSH's: SSH relies on unauthenticated TCP to carry the contents of the secure stream. That means that an attacker can end an SSH connection with a single phony "RST" segment. By contrast, Mosh applies its security at a different layer (authenticating every datagram), so an attacker cannot end a Mosh session unless the attacker can continuously prevent packets from reaching the other side. A transient attacker can cause only a transient user-visible outage; once the attacker goes away, Mosh will resume the session.

Both of the Star Trek films featuring Khan, Captain Kirk’s worst enemy, explore the consequences of egoist versus altruist views. In Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan , we learn that Khan’s murderous anger towards humanity is partly a result of Captain Kirk’s earlier action of marooning Khan and his people on a then hospitable planet—which later suffered an environmental disaster killing most of Khan’s people.  This is a clear illustration of the ethical egoist’s claim that trying to act in others’ interests may be immoral.  Furthermore, Kirk’s failure to check up on Khan on the planet suggests that Kirk was not really acting altruistically, but rather egoistically, supporting the views of psychological egoism.  Meanwhile, Khan believes that he has a natural right to dominate, based on his superior intellect and strength, a view commonly associated with rational egoism and Ayn Rand. Of course in the end, Mr. Spock demonstrates altruism by sacrificing himself to save the rest of the Enterprise crew, repeating an idea clearly meant to prove that altruism is more rational than egoism—“the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

Hi Sue,
It was great seeing you at the event last week, and thank you for the ideas on more examples that would be helpful.
I like where you’re headed with your idea. I would recommend against using the phrase “direct mail” because while you mail your publication to homes it’s not as targeted as most direct mail campaigns.
Also, why mask the publication you work for? Be proud that you work for the Arlington Shopper.
How about: “I help local businesses promote themselves in the Arlington Shopper.”
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Examples good dissertation question

examples good dissertation question


examples good dissertation questionexamples good dissertation questionexamples good dissertation questionexamples good dissertation question