Ethics in abortion essay

The arguments range from moral ethics, religious teachings, and even to questionable parts of the law which may debate allowing abortion... The most common argument against abortion is that since the embryo is a "living- organism that abortion itself can be classified as murder... Those who oppose abortion should also at least be against the use of birth control because in a sense it is the same practice as abortion only at an earlier stage... According to the Canadian Medical Association's Committee on Ethics, a living organism must possess certain qualities to ...

God loves every child, no matter the circumstances of their conception. To say that the baby is unwanted means that we are negating the love of God. Also, your comment presumes incorrectly that there are only 2 choices for the mother - either have the child killed or raise it on her own. That's false and misleading. If the mother is not capable for whatever reason of bringing the child up and supporting him or her, or even just doesn't want to, then there are many, many loving couples who can't have children of their own, who would love to be parents tho this child and to care for him or her. In any case, He loves that child and has loving plans for him or her, plans that none of us can presume to know ahead of time. Maybe that child will grow up to be a loving mother, father, brother or sister, a teacher, scientist, president, etc. Maybe the reason God allows a child to come after a rape is because through that child, God can bless this world in unexpected ways to combat the evil that people like the rapist do. To assume you need to kill an innocent baby to achieve good is the complete opposite of Faith, and totally un-Jewish.

Ethics in abortion essay

ethics in abortion essay


ethics in abortion essayethics in abortion essayethics in abortion essayethics in abortion essay