Essays on why you want to become a nurse

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Since different cultures exist in different countries and nursing practice are originated from where it is practiced, can nursing theories be imported from one country be pertinent in another country? (Lutzen, 2000). Can theories developed in the western context be applicable in the eastern context and vice verse? Shin (2000) argued that by "western standards, which are quantitative and linear" the idea of nursing a patient concentrating on balancing the harmony of yin and yang will not be applicable to the western context and to apply western ideas in Korea, direct translation will not be applicable. This is further supported by Pang et all (2004: 667) that the "Chinese nurses articulate a version of nursing that is grounded more in their cultural understanding of health than the translated versions from the West."

Essays on why you want to become a nurse

essays on why you want to become a nurse


essays on why you want to become a nurseessays on why you want to become a nurseessays on why you want to become a nurseessays on why you want to become a nurse