Essays on age discrimination

As large-scale media visualizations from the Selfiecity database of images shot in five cities on four continents indicate, the selfie has become a truly transnational genre that is as much about placemaking as it is about the narrowcasting of particular faces and bodies. At the same time, the scholarly literature around this specific form of self-representation through closely distant mobile photography has struggled to keep up with theorizing emergent new media practices that utilize lenses, screens, mirrors, and armatures in novel ways and generate compositions with distinctive framing and posing that mark belonging to selfie taxonomies.

There should be and age of responsibility. The age of responsibility should be at least the age of 21. In my opinion the age should be 21 because teens still don’t have the right set of mind. Even though it may be hard to grow in a stage where you are growing up to be a teenager, teens still have to face the life of growing up and not growing up too fast to where they want to be adults by the age of 13.
Most parents would require from their teens if for them to stay in school to love and be with the family. They would also want them not to grown up so fast. The parents would also just want them to listen to them and do their chores around the house, and just to be a teenage. Parents don’t want their teen to grow up so fast. They want them to have the time of their lives as teens, and have some responsibilities as teens and not have any as parents. But for them to prepare for when they are parents and start taking responsibilities, not just in themselves but also in the lives of the family. So then they should be considered responsible at the age of 21, that way they may have the knowledge of being a responsible adult, and not a teen.
The older they grow the more they will know how to be a responsible adult and less of a teen. The more responsible they are the more they can take care of their parents and not just themselves. They first have to take care of their education and do good in school, and to stay in school. Most teens by then who think they have what it takes to be a responsible adult they would get jobs to help their parents with family needs. As teens, we may think that we are mature and think that we know it all. But we don’t know everything, we don’t know how life is when we grow up, we don’t know how hard life is being an adult. Most adult wish they were teens again. They say only if I was a teen I would have to be worrying about other things in life, the only thing I would have to worry about is just m...

Essays on age discrimination

essays on age discrimination


essays on age discriminationessays on age discriminationessays on age discriminationessays on age discrimination