Essay on criminal activities

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Criminal activities in this story occur because there are parents who allow children to bring guns home. This increases crime. Scientifically, there is a probability that the parents were also criminals and therefore the behavior is reflected on their children. Going by this perspective, the action taken towards criminals ought to correct their behavior instead of punishing them. This is due to the fact that not every criminal may be accountable for their crime and punishing the suspect for a crime that they have not committed is wrong. On the basis of the tenets perspective of positive school, finding the right means of correcting behaviors is the best option. For example, punishment in this case seems to be torture. A mother is in fear because the son who has been jailed might meet a fate similar to the one that he would have met when freed and this instills fear among the families of the criminals.

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Essay on criminal activities

essay on criminal activities


essay on criminal activitiesessay on criminal activitiesessay on criminal activitiesessay on criminal activities