English as level essays

Dams are vulnerable to air attack in wartime. The destruction of the Mohne See dam in the Second World War brought the industry of the Ruhr to a virtual standstill, as well as causing loss of life. There have also been cases of the collapse of dams due to inadequate strength and imperfect design.       boon   something that is very helpful and improves the quality of life       flora and fauna   The flora and fauna of a place are its plants and animals       despoil   to make a place less attractive especially by taking things away from it by force          

It is not only the passive virtue of not being anti-social which is important. but the positive quality of asserting oneself, being fearless enough to point out and face anti-social elements. It is not enough to slink out of their way and say that we are not concerned. Courage is not only physical but also moral: one does not require it only when faced by an enemy or in a moment of crisis but in day to day decisions and activities. Courage is intimately connected with self-respect. A man who is servile and can stoop down to any level will not he brave and will not be honest. A man who has a great deal of self-respect will he courageous in the face of odds.

English as level essays

english as level essays


english as level essaysenglish as level essaysenglish as level essaysenglish as level essays