Dr james cone's essay on martin and malcolm

Reflections on 2016 CSC The 2016 CSC was a wonderful event with  many exceptional sessions and plenaries. I’d judge the conference one of the best in our history and attendance broke all previous records. We’ll soon post videos of the plenaries and selected sessions. The conference was enhanced by overlapping events, with Advancing the National Conversation on Race bringing 330 folk from across the country who engaged Wednesday’s paper sessions, the inaugural Fred Gray plenary lecture and the John T. Willis Plenary theatrical performance, “To Kill A Mockingbird.” 

Theologians, such as Delores Williams, have critiqued James Cone for both male-centered language and for not including the experiences of black women in his sources. Williams, in 1993, acknowledged in a footnote in her book Sisters in the Wilderness, that Cone has modified exclusive language for the reprinting of his works and acknowledged the issues with the previous language. However, she argues that he still does not use the experiences of African-American women in his method, and therefore still needs to deal with the sexism of his work. [10]

Dr james cone's essay on martin and malcolm

dr james cone's essay on martin and malcolm