Do dreams come true essay

Absolutely loved this story. I know it’s old, but I still feel like I had to write this. It’s 3AM and I can’t sleep because all I can think about is how I have to take the next step in my dream. It’s big, bold and I might fail at it – it’d suck, but I’m more okay with that than not trying. I’d rather die knowing I tried as hard as I could, instead of thinking, what if? And I actually truly am starting to believe in this dream and in me. Chances are high that I can do this. Enough of this doubting, and thinking that dreams only happen to Others. It can happen to me too – to anyone, with hard work. I am vowing to stick to this motivation right now, by writing out my next step and sticking it to the wall next to my bed – and once I’m done with it, there will be another paper stuck to the wall :) Thank you!

There are no coincidences!
On a Monday morning, August 10, 1981, I woke up in a terrified state after a ‘nightmare.’ I repeated the dream’s circumstances to my husband which included witnessing my beloved aunt’s lifeless body sprawled on a NYC street, with two bystanders looking over her. That evening I received a phone call from my cousin who told me the devastating news that my aunt had been struck and killed by a car on Central Park West earlier that afternoon. Had I not conveyed the dream earlier, I would have had doubts that I specifically saw those images after the initial shock had subsided. However, my recollection was verified by my husband, whose foggy state of early awareness was shocked by the description I gave. I was then filled with obsessive second guesses as to whether I could have somehow warned my aunt not to leave her apartment that day. I have never experienced a precognitive dream as vivid as this one before or since.

Do dreams come true essay

do dreams come true essay


do dreams come true essaydo dreams come true essaydo dreams come true essaydo dreams come true essay