Diy thesis comments

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When you open the battery retaining door, you might bend the latching tab (I did) this won’t be obvious to you until you attempt to latch the door on top of the fresh batteries. To latch, use a flat blade screwdriver, perpendicular to the clip, to pus down until it is under the edge of the plastic tabs in the middle of the two batteries. If it won’t stay latched it is likely that the tab is slightly bent out and away from the batteries. Using a pair of needle nose pliers, or even your finger and thumb, gently bend the tab so that it is perpendicular to the retaining plate. Again, gently push it down and latch it under the two vertical, black plastic pins.  The red arrow show the tab before being straightened and the green line shows the top of the two pins over which the tab will latch.

Diy thesis comments

diy thesis comments


diy thesis commentsdiy thesis commentsdiy thesis commentsdiy thesis comments