Bahrain national day celebration essay

The lease agreement is required to obtain preliminary approval from the Municipality. If the entrepreneur decides to use the services of an attorney, it is common practice to use the address of the law firm until a lease is obtained within 3 months. Corporate offices can only be established in buildings with a commercial license (not residential). Once the lease is signed with the landlord on official documents, the contract can then be presented to Municipality desk for approval in the BIC.

The location of the company must be approved by the Municipality. A municipality representative is available at the BIC one-stop shop.

BAPCO is an integrated oil company operating in the field of exploration, drilling, production, refining, and marketing. It operates a 260,000-barrel-per-day (41,000 m 3 /d) oil refinery which lies midway between the original BAPCO expat workers accommodation township of Awali and Sitra . [5] The complex also includes storage facilities for 14 million barrels ( × 10 ^ 6  m 3 ), a marketing terminal, and a marine terminal. About one-sixth of this crude originates from Bahrain Field , with the remainder being pumped from Saudi Arabia . Saudi Aramco supplies approximately 235,000 barrels per day (37,400 m 3 /d) through the 62-kilometre (39 mi) Abqaiq–Dhahran Pipelines System . [ citation needed ] A new pipeline has been proposed to be constructed from Aramco's Abqaiq Plant to Qurayyah utilising an existing pipeline corridor, then offshore to Bahrain, and finally on a newly defined route to the Bapco Refinery. [ citation needed ]

Bahrain national day celebration essay

bahrain national day celebration essay


bahrain national day celebration essaybahrain national day celebration essaybahrain national day celebration essaybahrain national day celebration essay