Art therapy essay thesis

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Hi Nikki – I have a similar situation, but not exactly. I have two special needs boys and an undiagnosed stubborn hubby. I have a degree in fine art, but doing paintings in our apartment is not practical. I used to make all my clothes. I loved coordinating clothes with accessories because I love color and design. After 19 years of trials, tribulations, etc, I have turned to jewelry making – I assemble semi-precious gemstone beads of different colors, shapes, etc with the metal findings, etc. It satisfies the need to coordinate colors with shapes and to develop designs that I find beautiful. So, the essence of my creativity is working with color, and coordinating color, shapes, and creating a design, My suggestion to you is determine the essence of creativity that you love and are good at and then find an affordable, practical way to doing that. Do you like two dimensional art (graphics)? Then, there are many avenues – modern quilts, tiled table tops, logos for whoever, etc, etc. Do you like art that you can re-do and re-do until it is just right? you might try computer graphics – it is really cool to apply all of the special effects! I hope you find something satisfying! If you have a Facebook page, be sure to be my friend! Best Regards

Art therapy essay thesis

art therapy essay thesis


art therapy essay thesisart therapy essay thesisart therapy essay thesisart therapy essay thesis